BURLY BRAND x LAHD Hooligan Sportster Tracker

  1. THE PLAN:
    The plan is LAHD and Burly Brand team up to build, race, and raffle away a Sportster tracker. Brands such as Lowbrow, S&S Cycle, Ride Wright, Metzeler and Vance and Hines to contribute parts to the bike. LAHD/Burly will be racing the bike at a couple of events leading up to summer. Promo Packs for $10 include a Sticker Pack or Tire Repair Kit and include one Raffle ticket which will be available on Chop Cult and in store at LAHD. To clarify, buyers will receive a raffle ticket with purchase of a promo pack (sticker pack or a tire change kit). Promo Packs will be sold at events leading up to Born Free. The bike will be given away at an event short at LAHD on July 9th.

    So far the good people at Lowbrow Customs included a much needed Chain Conversion, Tsunami Fender and Hand Grips. The go fast gods at S&S Cycle supplied the horsepower by way of their Sidewinder 883/1200 Kit! Vance and Hines sent us a 2-1 Stainless Competition Pipe along with a HiFLow Air Cleaner. Tracker Die is contributing one if their LED Headlights. Roland Sands Design threw us a Tag Bracket for the license plate tail light solution (yes it is street legal). Burly Brand has already helped source a rear 19″ wheel but this can be swapped for a Ride Wright 18” wheel and Metzeler Tires if the winner would rather have a street tracker vs a Hooligan tracker (it’s up to the winner).

    We will swap the 13″ Stilettos for 15″ and install one of our Fork Lowering Kits for more of an aggressive stance. Our Brat seat will go nicely with the Tsunami Fender. Over the following week we will source an exhaust system and air cleaner. Check back here for build updates and raffle details.

    Here are some pictures of the bike when we picked it up at Los Angeles Harley.

    On the way home

    Out in front of the our shop

  2. Making some more progress on the build!
    The tank is off

    Exhaust is next

    Oh Jim put down the peace pipe!

    Looking more and more like a tracker now


    Ditching that stock fender!

    Ready for some new parts!

    OK! We got the S&S Cycle Sidewinder Kit and it was a breeze to install. They make it super easy and give you everything you need to get the job done. No runs to the local dealer or parts bin. Pretty damn cool!

  3. Lowbrow Customs came thru BIG with their Tsunami Fender, Chain Drive Conversion and Fish Scale Grips for the tracker. Great quality parts!

    Here is the old belt setup. YUK!

    Oh yeah! Looking good now

    It’s a chain Jim, you can do it! haha jokes It is very easy to install and get done. Even Jim can do it! He’s gonna kill me when he sees this thread


    There we go…

  4. Stephen from LAHD and Sean from Burly mocking up the TRACKER DIE Light Bar http://trackerdie.myshopify.com/products/copy-of-7in-36-watt-led-light-bar-1


    Making sparks to get the Lowbrow Tsunami Fender on!

    Fresh Paint on the new fender and old tank with custom LAHD Racing graphic.

     Wrinkle black spray paint motor



  5. Roland Sands Design Tag Bracket getting installed.

    Finally getting the tins on the bike!

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    Vance and Hines Air Cleaner Install

    The Vance and Hines Air Cleaner provides the proper air flow needed for this race machine!

    Vance and Hines Exhaust Install

    Next up is the Vance and Hines 2-1 Stainless Competition Exhaust System

    Ride Wright Rear Wheel

    We couldn’t have done it with out the Ride Wright rear 19″ wheel! Thank you guys very much for making us a front wheel with a rear hub etc. Its not as easy as you’d think as they have to lace it up in a tricky pattern to ensure proper torque values. Thank you Sam

     Bike is done and ready to rip!