New Product Alert! LED Turn Signals

Burly Brand’s line of LED turn signals come in both Harley specific and universal application options! Every turn signal has a powder coated cast aluminum housing as well as a UV/impact resistant polycarbonate lens to help illuminate the bright LED units. All signals have 3 wires (Ground, Run, and Turn/Brake) and are designed for ECE/DOT compliance for road use. Our turn signals are a bright and responsive LED replacement for the stock lights that come on your motorcycle. Note: An LED load equalizer may be required to maintain correct blinking speed and operation (any off the shelf unit will work).

New Product Alert! Voyager Luggage Line

For riders on the go looking for more stylish utilitarian luggage options, the Voyager Luggage Line has arrived. Finding storage on motorcycles has often been attributed to giant packs with bungees attached every which way; minimize the stress involved with trying to find room for riding essentials with our Detachable Saddlebag(s), Tool Roll, Roll Top Backpack, Tank/Tail Bag and Magnetic Map Tank Screen. Bare the elements with rugged 500gsm wet waxed UV treated cotton canvas construction and leather paneling/straps that will age and show character over time. Each item features high quality “moto centric” speed buckles and zippers with metal Burly Brand embossed button snaps and accents as well as an “Anti-Flail Snap System” (on all zipper pulls and strap ends).


Hot Bike – Burly Brand Jail Bar and Cable Kit Install

Robert Martin from Hot Bike recently swung by the Burly Brand compound with his 2013 H-D 883 Iron Sportster to get some handlebar love. Already sporting our Two-Up Brat Seat and Tall Sissy Bar, a set of 10″ Black Jail Bars and a height appropriate T-Bar Cable Kit would finish dialing in Robert’s club style ripper. The install and look was also finished off with some quality Mirrors and Grips from Performance Machine.

Robert took the time to document the whole process step by step for any potential garage builders looking to take on this feat and are currently on the overwhelmed side thinking of all that the project entails. While not the quickest set of parts to install on your bike, we hope Robert and ourselves have streamlined the process a bit and we tried to give some helpful tips you wont find in your H-D manual! Check out the write-up on Hot Bike Web here.

BURLY BRAND – Rubber Mount Cafe Sportster Build

We picked up a 2007 XL 1200 with a ton of miles and a fresh top end for a great price from our buddies at Pomona Valley Harley a couple weeks back. It was a one owner woman owned with over 40,000 miles.

Got it home and put together a parts list for Cafe Sportster parts we currently offer. (Burly Brand). I also reached out to Shane at Chainsikle for a set of his rear sets and have a few undecided parts to chase down.

Here’s the list so far:
Burly Brand Cafe Tail Section for Rubber Mount Sportsters (2004+)
Burly Brand 15″ Stiletto Shocks
Burly Brand 1″ Clubman Bars
Burly Brand Clubman Cable Kit
Burly Brand MX Style Pegs
Chainsikle Rear Sets

Undecided Parts
18″ Rear wheel
Front Fairing

Managed to steal a prototype Cafe Tail Section from the engineering dept. Here are a couple pics!

Burly tail section comes with everything you need to mount up. Also as an option for the ’07 & ’08 models with a special ECM mounting bracket.

So far so good. If only the powers of osmosis would kick in this build would be done by now. Next will be to strip her down, cut her up and mount some parts.


Jim and I had some free time last Friday and busted a bunch of the major stuff out of the way.

15″ Stiletto Shocks give the bike perfect Cafe geometry!

Time to cut her up!

Roland Sands Design Fork Brace

Installed and internally wired our 1″ Chrome Clubman Bars with our Clubman Cable Kit.

Roland Sands Design hooked us up with some cool Chrome covers.

Performance Machine Renthal wrapped grips.

Cheapy little fairing from eBay looks great with the dual gauges.

Next will be to install the new Rubber Mount Cafe Tail Section, rear sets and exhaust. Stay tuned!

BRAIDED STAINLESS Extended Cable/Line Install Kits for Street Glide


Do you love the look of a set of apes on a Street Glide? Be you hate sorting out which cables and brake lines to use? Do you prefer the style and performance of braided stainless cables and lines?

We thought so, and have just released a collection of braided stainless kits specific to the 2008-2013 Harley Street Glide. Each kit is tailored to work with our 13” or 15” apehanger and is available for ABS as well as non ABS FLHX and FLHT/C/U models. Kits include extended brake lines (including ABS lines) and extended clutch cable as well as all relevant wiring extensions for switches and throttle by wire, making installation much simpler.

No-Headache Cable Kits For Ape Hangers On Late Harley-Davidson Softail And Dyna Models

Burly21 Burly11

Many like the look of a cool set of Ape Hangers on their Softail or Dyna model. It implies the replacement of your cables and lines for longer ones and we all dislike the task and time it takes for of sorting out which new ones to use.Burly31

In addition, Harley-Davidson introduced on late models the Can Bus (or HDLAN) style wiring, making the task even more complex. The folks at Burly Brand who are selling and installing Ape Hangers had the same issues and have now eliminated all the trial, error and inventing of bad words.

Each cable/line kit they created is specific to the late model Dyna or Softail and designed for 12”, 14”, 16” & 18” Apes. Includes extended throttle cables, extended clutch cable, extended brake line and even wiring harness extensions specific to HDLAN (H-D Local Area Network). Cables and brake line are satin black (even the fittings!) and the kit includes instructions to help walk you through the install. Fits 2011-2013 FX and FL Softails as well as 2012-2013 FXD models (except Fatbob). More info at: 888-367-187 or visit the Burly Brand Website or contact your local dealer. via Cyril Huze Blog

Greasy Dozen Cafe Sportster


You might remember a while back we sponsored the Greasy Dozen Contest held by the Old Bike Barn. Randy H. won a bunch of our Cafe parts for his 1992 Sportster. He received a pair of Clubman Handlebars, 15″ Stiletto Shocks, Partially Covered Cafe Racer Tail Section along with pair of MX Style Pegs. Looks like he just got it all sorted out and ready for the road. Here’s an email he sent in over the weekend.

Hey Burly Brand,

Just catching back up. Pretty much got the bike done. Heres some pics for now, should have a lot better quality pics in the next week or so.

Thanks again for everything,

Randy H.

Thank you Randy, the bike looks great, you put in a lot of hard work! Ride safe and keep an eye out for more Cafe inspired products on there way for 2014.


BA Moto: Harley Scrambler

Located in sunny Long Beach, CA. BA Moto is certified by Triumph, Suzuki and Kawasaki but primarily specializes in modern and vintage Triumphs, BSAs. Recently they were asked to transform a Harley Sportster into a modern day “Scrambler”. Nate “Old Fashion” reached out to us regarding our Scrambler Bars , Stiletto Shocks and MX Style Pegs. Naturally we thought they would compliment the look and feel they desire and wanted to help! Since they are local we decided to stop by and visit them at the shop. Take a look at a few pictures we snapped on our visit and stay tuned for follow up posts as we plan to follow along the build as the bike progresses. Oh yeah and we met a guy called Giant who rode up on a killer Shovel. He dropped a buck in the BA MOTO Beer Vending Machine and we talked story about his bike for a bit. Cool people, good vibes and great bikes, our kind of shop!


Lifted Is The New Lowered

15" Shocks Sportster Models
15″ Shocks Sportster Models

Lifted is the new lowered and the Burly Stiletto shocks are 15″ of coil sprung sexiness! Dreampt up to give Sportys that proper Café, Scrambler or crazy post-apocalyptic look and functionality. We designed a spring to specifically deal with small stuff like road noise and the big things like pot holes ect. At the end of the day after tearing up the streets your body isn’t taxed and is ready for more!

May require modification to exhaust brackets to open up clearance for chain/belt.

Fits: XL 1986-2003

Part #: B28-1250

Bagger bars

Our lovely Brazilian friend Magda was kind enough to point out
some of the features of our Bagger bars. She’d like to stress the dogleg style
bend at the bottom is designed specifically for the faired touring bikes
(Street Glide, Ultra, etc). Magda also felt it was important for you to know
the bars are 13” tall and rise just over the fairing, (depending on what angle
they are installed at). She also mentioned they are available in black or
chrome and come in a fly by version as well. Although she did forget to mention
we also build a cable kit for the Fly by Wire version. Thanks for the help Magda. Looking forward to your next visit.


Check em out here:

Burly MX Style Foot Pegs

Billet aluminum is nice for big airplanes and your dad’s bagger, but steal is the real deal and the new MX style pegs from Burly are just that. Inspired by the bear trap style of the 70’s motocross machines and designed to fit your Sporty or Dyna. Adjustable angle will let you tune them to your liking and serrated edge will keep your feet planted. TIG welded for strength and powdercoated satin black to blend nicely with your bike. We figured while we were at it, a bottle opener might be a nice touch, too. We like a peg that can multitask, hope you do, too.

What’s a Lite Clutch Kit?

We’ve been building the Lite Clutch for years, but it’s not very sexy and tends to get very little love. We’re hoping to change that a bit.
Lite Clutch reduces effort required to pull clutch lever by 40%, which lessens rider fatigue and provides smoother, easier clutch action. Ideal for heavy clutches, smaller hands, or stop-and-go traffic. The Lite Clutch fits inside the primary cover on Sportster® models, and the transmission cover on Big Twins and works by extending the clutch operating mechanism for improved leverage. Install time is under 30 minutes and they retail for under $30. OK, still not sexy, but they work really well!